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What is Sapo

 Peptides for the People

Traditionally used by the indigenous tribes of South America Sapo is the secretions from the phyllomedusa bicolor tree frog. The tribes used this secretion as immunizations as well as to heighten their senses before a hunt. These secretions contain a wide variety of bioactive peptides that bind perfectly with the receptor sites in the human body. More modernly this medicine is used as a complete body detox. People seek this medicine for a total body cleanse. Scientifically proven to treat a wide range of disease from anxiety, depression, addiction, diabetes, and lupus to shrinking cancer cells and treating an array of STD's, this tree frog secretion is highly sought after by those looking to get in touch with their, mind, body, and spirit.  The medicine is activated using the practitioners saliva. A small burn is applied to the arm and the secretion is then placed on the burn area.  As the peptides work their way through the body, wringing out the toxins from every organ, there is an increase in heart rate and a drop in blood pressure due largely in part to the Caeruleins and Sauvagine peptides. As the toxins are being released one may find themselves in the midst of a purge to expel them from their body. Purging may look like vomit, crying, shaking, or relieving your bowels.  In some cases the kidneys cannot filter out all the toxins as quickly as they are being released so they will store in your fat cells causing swelling usually in the face. The swelling eventually goes down with time and water consumption. The most intense portion of this sit usually lasts about 15 minutes but the results are worth it.

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All classes and sessions are performed by experienced practitioners.



Instructor/ Practitioner

Melissa has been working with this sacred medicine since 2016. She sat with the frog many times before being called to serve in 2017. In October of 2017 she completed an intensive training program to learn the ins and outs of the magic medicine produced by the Phyllomedusa Bicolor tree frog. In deep gratitude for that course it is truly her pleasure to bring this medicine to you in a safe and respectable manner.


Sapo/Kambo Practitioner Training

This course is not for the faint of heart. In this 10 day course you will deepen your relationship with the frog every day for a week while learning safety precautions, contraindications. and the science behind the frog.


Self Administration Course

This course is designed for those with chronic pain or disease that will require ongoing treatments. In this 3 day course you will be safely guided through self administration and the science behind the secretion.

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This sacred ceremony can be performed in a solo or group setting. Whichever you prefer, the medicine will move. 

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